Young Adult Residential Placements (ages 18 - 25)

Our residential houses are a vibrant part of our community, and provide a warm and supportive environment for young people.

We build on individual strengths to support young people in gaining the life skills they need to enter adulthood. As in our educational placements, we engage our young people in domestic life skills in the house and in the garden, establishing familiar routines to life that support mental health and wellbeing. Our focus is on developing both independence and support for each other in a mutually supportive atmosphere. In addition to the importance we place on developing life skills in their houses, we also offer our young people access to a variety of day workshops.

A typical day involves having breakfast together with their housemates before heading off to their selected workshops. Many young people return to the house for lunch, while some take a packed lunch with them to have in the young adult "hub". More workshop activities take place in the afternoon – some of these may have more of a focus on residential-based life skills – before everyone returns to their houses for the evening meal. All our young people can take part in leisure activities in the evening, which might include walks, cycling, singing and folk dancing.  They also get involved in local community-based activities such as drama groups, "dates-n-mates" etc.

Weekends provide the opportunity for further leisure – such as trips into Aberdeen, shopping, cinema, outdoor excursions – and some much-needed rest.

There’s a wide variety of therapies offered at Camphill School Aberdeen, ranging from massage to equine therapy.

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"Over these many years I felt always supported at Camphill. I enjoyed many things together: fun things, learning and working- always TOGETHER!!!
I will always have two homes and two families".

Young adult

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Young Adult Day Placements (ages 18 - 25)

Our Learning for Life Day Services provide a safe place for young people to develop their skills to prepare for adulthood


We offer students a wide range of craft, land-based work and social enterprise opportunities in our workshops.


We offer a wide variety of therapies, from massage to equine therapy.