Find out how to start the process of a placement for your child

Our admissions process is in three stages: pre-application, the application itself, and post-application.

1. Pre-application

Parents, carers, children, young people and local authority representatives are welcome to attend Camphill School for a visit and discussion at any time via appointment through the Admissions Hub Co-ordinator. You can make an appointment by contacting us via email: or by phone: 01224 867935.

On your visit, you’ll meet a team of staff who will:

  • show you the range of services on offer
  • spend up to 90 minutes showing you around
  • share their expertise about their particular area of work
  • communicate all the information relevant to your visit whether you’re a parent, a carer or from the local authority
  • hold interviews with all prospective pupils, residents, day attendees.

After your visit you’ll receive the notes of the interview session to review. These notes form a record of your visit and may be used for an initial assessment. If you and your child wish to progress a placement, an application form will need to be completed.

2. Application

The next stage of the process requires an application form to be completed by both the parent/local authority. The form will be provided by the Admissions Hub Co-ordinator. This provides a great deal of information that's critical for us to move forward to the next stage of the process.

3. Post-application

Following the receipt of your application, we set up a Team Around the Child/Young Adult (TACYA) meeting. This involves all the Camphill School staff that are likely to contribute to the learning, care and support of the child or young person referred to us. As parents/carers you can also be involved, as can your social worker.

From a TACYA meeting, a Learning, Health and Care (LHC) Plan is drawn up for agreement by all relevant parties.

Once the local authority has agreed the funding package, then the transition to Camphill School services can begin.

If you have any further questions, please contact our Admissions Hub Coordinator on or by phone to 01224 867935.

"On our first visit to Camphill School we were welcomed warmly and we had a real feeling of acceptance. Inclusivity, positivity and fun are the words I would use to describe my first impression. The physical environment is incredible with beautiful scenery alongside happy people working together."


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We offer students a wide range of craft, land-based work and social enterprise opportunities in our workshops.


We offer a wide variety of therapies, from massage to equine therapy.

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