Young Adult Day Placements (ages 18 - 25)

Our Learning for Life Day Services provide a safe place for young people to develop their skills to prepare for adulthood

These placements are individually tailored to provide students with learning opportunities to prepare them for adulthood - this is why we call this the "Learning for Life Day Services". 

We do this by offering craft, land-based and social enterprise activities in our workshops, which ranges from woodwork and candle making to bike maintenance and gardening. This provides students with meaningful work experience to learn and grow in a focused environment and also gain new qualifications, including our newly developed STARS Award. The students enjoy the company of others and, by learning to work with them, they gain self-esteem, a sense of self-worth, and see the tangible output of their work which gives a great sense of achievement. 

The morning starts with students arriving at the "HUB", either with support from their residential house team or our day services' team. The HUB is the common social space where our young people hang out, eat their snacks and meals, relax, socialise, play a game or read a book.  The students walk to the workshops they have scheduled in their individual timetables and most sessions are 2 to 3 hours (this is entirely flexible to meet the students' needs).  Timetables can also include therapies, which range from massage to equine therapy, and also social time in our swimming pool and attending celebrations - we love to come together to celebrate festivals and birthdays! The day usually finishes around 4.30pm when the students collect their belongings at the HUB and say goodbye.

During a young person's placement we focus on five learning for life outcomes:

  • personal development
  • training for qualifications
  • pathway into work
  • therapeutic health and well-being
  • social interaction.

A variety of workshops are provided:

  • Woodwork
  • Art
  • Weaving
  • Felting
  • Craft and sewing
  • Candle making
  • Pottery
  • Metal and jewellery making
  • Bike garage
  • FRUVER (the produce trading point)
  • Gardens
  • Farm
  • Stables
  • Estate Land Maintenance

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"On our first visit we were welcomed warmly and we had a real feeling of acceptance. Inclusivity, positivity and fun are the words I would use to describe my first impression. The physical environment is incredible with beautiful scenery alongside happy people working together"


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Young Adult Residential Placements (ages 18 - 25)


We offer students a wide range of craft, land-based work and social enterprise opportunities in our workshops.


We offer a wide variety of therapies, from massage to equine therapy.