School Residential Placements (ages 5 - 18)

Our residential houses are a vibrant part of our community, and they offer our children and young people a warm, supportive environment.

Our approach attempts to build on individual strengths while meeting developmental needs.

We incorporate healthy rhythms and routines in daily life, engaging young people in activities such as cooking, laundry and gardening. The focus is on developing both independence and care for each other in a mutually supportive environment.

A typical day as a Camphill School resident involves sharing meals with housemates - breakfast, lunch and an evening meal. The students make the short walk to school, either independently or with their friends and housemates. Lunch itself is back at their residential house and breaks up the day. It's followed by chores and clearing up before they go back to school for the rest of the day. After the evening meal in their respective houses, the students can take part in evening leisure activities such as bike rides, walks, singing, youth clubs etc. 

There’s also a wide variety of therapies offered at Camphill School Aberdeen, ranging from massage to equine therapy.

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"Keir loves people and animals therefore living in a large house with others is therapeutic for him. He also loves having the space to run around. He has thrived and loves his life at Camphill and we would never have been able to replicate this anywhere else. Keir has grown into a happy, content and mischievous young man. We have greatly valued the support from the school and his co workers over the years. Our lives would have been very different if Keir did not get the opportunity to go to Camphill".


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School Day Placements (ages 5 - 18)

Our aim is to provide the ideal environment and context for learning so that every student can become an active and engaged learner.


We offer a wide variety of therapies, from massage to equine therapy.

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