Our Mission & Vision

Our core aim is to transform the lives of vulnerable children and young people with learning disabilities and very complex additional support needs, empowering them to grow in confidence, skills and independence to reach their fullest potential.

We do this by delivering our Mission and Vision.

Our Mission

  • Develop healthy social relationships based on mutual learning, care and respect while celebrating the spiritual uniqueness and authenticity of each human being.
  • Integrate care, education, therapy, craft, land and environment supporting everyone to unfold to their full potential.
  • Continuous self-development inspired by striving to understand the human being. Ensuring a person centred approach with a holistic view of education, care and wellbeing.
  • Build community through sharing life experiences together and the celebration of seasonal activities and cultural festivals. 

Our Vision

Camphill School Aberdeen, a part of the international Camphill Movement, aims to create a community in which children and adults, many with additional support needs, can live, learn and work  within healthy social relationships based on mutual care and respect.

The foundation of our work is an acknowledgment of the uniqueness of each human being, continuous self-development and life sharing opportunities. This is inspired by anthroposophy, a holistic world view which attributes equal importance to the physical as well as to the spiritual nature of human beings and the world.

Our range of meaningful approaches integrates lifelong learning, care, crafts, therapy and land with the aim of unfolding  each person’s potential.  We are committed to caring for the land & environment, incorporating sustainable resources and engaging with the wider community.  A particular feature of our community is the celebration of seasonal activities and cultural festivals.