Term Dates

We are open 52-weeks for residential placements and the dates below are for each specific service.

School Term Dates

Winter Term 2023

In-service days   Monday 30th and Tuesday 31st October (all school staff)

Term begins    Wednesday 1st November

Term ends    Friday 22nd December


Spring Term 2024

In-service day    Monday 8th January 2022 (teaching staff only)

In-service day    Tuesday 9th January (all school staff)

Term begins    Wednesday 10th January 2024

Half Term        Monday 12th and Tuesday 13th February (No school)

Term ends       Friday 29th March


Summer Term 2024

In-service day    Monday 15th April (all school staff)

Term begins    Tuesday 16th April

Half term    Monday 20th & Tuesday 21st May (No school)

Term ends    Friday 5th July


Autumn Term 2024

In-service day   Friday 9th August (Teaching staff only)

In-service day   Monday 12th August (all school staff) 

Term begins      Tuesday 13th August 

Term ends         11th October 


Winter Term 2024 

In-service days    Monday 28th & Tuesday 29th October

Term begins         Wednesday 30th October 

Term ends            Friday 20th December 


Spring Term 2025 

In-service day     Monday 6th January (teaching staff only) 

In-service day     Tuesday 7th January (all school staff) 

Term begins        Wednesday 8th January 

Half Term            Monday 10th & Tuesday 11th February 

Term ends            Friday 28th March 


Summer Term 2025 

In-service day      Monday 14th April (all school staff) 

Term Begins         Tuesday 15th April 

Half Term             Monday 19th & Tuesday 20th May 

Term Ends            Friday 4th July 



Kindergarten Term Dates

TERM 4 - SUMMER TERM 2024 - in service training: Monday 15th April 2024

Term begins on TUESDAY 16th APRIL.

In service closure: Monday 20th and Tuesday 21st May

Last day of term FRIDAY 5th JULY.  


TERM 1 - AUTUMN TERM 2024 ~in service training: Monday 19th August 2024

Term begins on TUESDAY 20th August

Mid-term break closure: Monday 23rd & Tuesday 24th September  

Last day of term FRIDAY 11th OCTOBER


TERM 2 - WINTER TERM 2024 ~ in service training: Monday 28th October

Term begins on TUESDAY  29th OCTOBER

Last day of term FRIDAY 20th DECEMBER


TERM 3 - SPRING TERM 2025 - in service training: Monday 6thand Tuesday 7th January

Term begins on WEDNESDAY 8th JANUARY

Mid-term break closure: Monday 10th and Tuesday 11th February

Last day of term FRIDAY 28th MARCH


TERM 4 - SUMMER TERM 2025 – in service training: Monday 14th April

Term begins on TUESDAY 15th APRIL

Mid-term break closure: Monday 19th and Tuesday 20th May

Last day of term FRIDAY 4th JULY  

Day Services Term Dates

Spring term 2024

Term starts on Wednesday the 3rd of January

In service days Monday 8th of January and Tuesday 9th of January

Term ends Friday 5th of April


Summer term 2024

In service day Monday 15th of April

Term starts Tuesday 16th of April

Term ends on Friday the 5th of July


Autumn term 2024

Term Starts Monday 21st July

In Service day Friday 9th August and Monday 12th August 

Term ends Friday 18th October

In service day Monday 28th Tuesday 29th October 

Term Starts Wednesday 30th October 


Winter term 2024 - 2025 

Term ends Friday 20th December

In service day Friday 3rd January Monday 6th January 2025 

Term Starts 7th January 2025


Spring term 2025 

Term ends Friday 4th April 

In service day Monday 14th April 

Term starts Tuesday 15th April


Summer term 2025 

Term ends Friday 4th July 

Term starts Monday 21st July

The dates are subject to change.

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