Rosie Robin’s journey from art room project to Christmas card star

December 21, 2023

Meet Rosie Robin!

You may have seen Rosie featured on our social media channels throughout December or even received one of our handcrafted cards, here’s the magical story of how she was brought to life.

Rosie was created in our art room earlier this year when the young people were taking part in a sewing workshop. Students are often involved in sewing projects, creating embroidered versions of animals that can be found around our Murtle Estate. Robins are one of the species that are often spotted perching on branches around our estate. Around 10 Camphill School Aberdeen students worked on the original Rosie Robin, taking turns to embroider sections of her body.


Rosie Robin has been on display in our art room ever since, becoming a familiar face to every young person who enters the workshop. The love the young people have for her inspired us to make Rosie Robin the focus of our 2023 Christmas cards! This gave students who didn’t work on the original Rosie the opportunity to be involved in creating a craft which she features on.

Due to the nine layers of paper used to form Rosie and the snow globe she sits in, young people with various abilities were able to be involved in creating our Christmas cards. The layers were complete with a collaboration of processes including - lino-printing, template work, drawing, painting, gel plate printing, and craft cutting.

At Camphill School Aberdeen, we always ensure we tailor our workshop programmes to suit the individual student. This allows for as many young people as possible, no matter their skill set, to play a part in the creation of our Christmas cards. Seeing Rosie Robin come to life and being a part of the process is rewarding for the young people.

We made more than 350 Rosie Robin Christmas cards, which have been sent to individuals and businesses who have supported us throughout 2023. Our Rosie Robin Christmas cards were also available for staff and families to buy at events we hosted throughout December.


Emma Laing, Art Room Workshop Leader at Camphill School Aberdeen, works with the young people to create these unique crafts. In the lead-up to Christmas, Emma has also worked with students to create lino-print Christmas jumper decorations, embroidered dogs wearing winter scarves and lino-printed tote bags which were sold at our Advent Sale. Our Advent Sale, and our art exhibitions that we often host, allow students the chance to show their family and friends any art projects they’ve been involved with. This helps to instil a sense of pride and accomplishment in the young people.

Taking part in arts and crafts has many therapeutic benefits. The rhythm and practical element of crafts such as lino-printing can be grounding and rewarding. Expressing creativity through art has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety. Also, working on projects with their peers helps the young people develop important teamwork skills and builds on the sense of community that we pride ourselves on at Camphill School Aberdeen.

Keep your eyes peeled – Rosie Robin may make more appearances throughout 2024!


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