Meet Sarah Symanzig, Stables workshop leader

August 29, 2023


How long have you worked at Camphill School Aberdeen?

I have worked here for nine years.

What brought you to Camphill School Aberdeen:

I actually grew up here as my parents worked at Newton Dee. I wanted to find a job with horses, so this role was perfect for me.

What does your role at Camphill School Aberdeen consist of?

This is my dream job, I get to hang out with horses and work with the young adults here - I absolutely love what I do.

It’s really the students who run things at the stables and tell me what needs to be done! They get into a real routine and it is lovely seeing them enjoying their time here.

The young adults have the opportunity to help with weekly tasks including mucking out, filling hay nets, yard work, and grooming the horses.

We also have a range of equine therapies providing vital support and therapy to more than 50 students each month. Therapies on offer include Riding Therapy, Hippotherapy and Equine-Assisted Therapy, helping students build confidence, take on responsibilities and connect with the horses.

We cater for the needs of each individual. Some just want to be close to the horses, while others want to ride them.

Are there any highlights that stand out to you during your time at Camphill School Aberdeen?

I love everything about my role and have had so many positive experiences, but the main highlight for me is seeing the different ways the horses and students interact.

The animals know exactly how to act with different individuals and accommodate their needs. For example, if a student has difficulty concentrating on things, the horses and ponies have a calming effect on them. It is amazing to watch how they work with each other.

Some of the youngsters form incredible connections with the horses and it is great to see their confidence grow.

For me, a real highlight is watching some of the students learning a variety of practical skills and taking so much from their experience here, becoming competent riders too - so much so they could get their own horse.

How much of a difference will the capital appeal campaign, when complete, make to students and their families at Camphill School Aberdeen?

I don’t think people completely understand what Camphill School Aberdeen has to offer, and once the capital appeal is complete it will give people the bigger picture as members of the public will be able to come and see it for themselves.

Being able to offer more places here is amazing as there is such demand at the moment. From personal experience, being able to walk out of your house into the grounds here is amazing and for the students having access to so many different workshops is brilliant.

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