Meet Monica Omolaiye, ASN Care Worker  

August 11, 2023


How long have you worked at Camphill School Aberdeen? I have been working here for one year and four months now.

What brought you to Camphill School Aberdeen? I started work here in a part-time role when I was studying for my master’s degree, and I actually based my dissertation on healthcare management. Once I completed my degree I decided to stay and took on a full-time role here at Cherrywood – the setting is amazing and I love my job, why would I leave?!

What does your role at Camphill School Aberdeen consist of?

In my role as a care worker, I am responsible for helping the young people get ready for the day ahead; including everything from getting dressed to having their meals.

A huge part of my job is supporting them to take part in the activities and workshops on offer at Camphill. There is so much variety here, and they learn so much each day. It is wonderful to see them grow in confidence and independence.

I really enjoy being side by side with the students as they carry out their daily activities in the various workshops and seeing them complete different tasks is brilliant.

After supper, the residents get to choose from a range of fun activities to take part in, including dancing and movie nights – they are all great fun. In the holidays, going out and about on different outings is great as the young people really enjoy themselves.

It’s like a home from home here, and really is like being with your family.

Are there any highlights that stand out to you during your time at Camphill School Aberdeen?

For me, the warm welcoming atmosphere here at Camphill is fantastic, and a real highlight for me was being able to spend Christmas day here with the students.

My family all live in Nigeria, and I really feel like we are all part of a big family here at Camphill, so getting to share the day with them was so special.

Seeing them open their presents and enjoying the Christmas day meal along with them was lovely.

There is an incredible community spirit at Camphill, and festivals play a huge part of life here, and along with Christmas, St. Johns, Michaelmas, and Easter are all celebrated on the estate.

I have also been lucky to spend Easter here with the students, and it was lovely to see them enjoying themselves taking part in different activities to mark the event.

Another highlight is being part of everyone’s lives here, seeing the improvement in each individual within a year. Knowing that what I am doing is making a difference gives me a real sense of satisfaction.

How much of a difference will the capital appeal campaign, when complete, make to students and their families at Camphill School Aberdeen?

I feel it is really important for people outside of Camphill School Aberdeen to hear about the good work that is done here, and the capital appeal campaign will play an important role in spreading the word.

It is also brilliant that so many new opportunities will be created for current residents and students, and is fantastic that more spaces will be on offer once the new building is complete.

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