Camphill School Aberdeen 7 Stories: Meet Wilf

December 18, 2023

Story four: Wilf’s story


To mark the seven young people who will be able to join Camphill School Aberdeen when our new residential home opens in December 2024, we’re sharing seven inspiring stories from the young people who are currently part of our vibrant community.


Meet Wilf…


Our ‘Building Futures, Transforming Lives’ capital appeal aims to expand our capacity by 60%, allowing us to open our doors to more day and residential pupils who need our support. By increasing the number of available placements, we are not only supporting young people with complex additional support needs, but we are also helping parents return to sustained employment during the current cost of living crisis.

A study by Camphill School Aberdeen found that 48% of parents were able to improve their employment status once their child began attending the school.

One of the young people and his family who have benefited from our sector-leading residential services, is residential student Wilf and his mum Kate.

At Camphill School Aberdeen, Wilf particularly enjoys getting involved with our onsite bike workshop where he can take part in repairing and maintaining old or donated bikes. This strengthens our links with the wider community while providing our young people with meaningful, hands-on life skills.

As a result of Wilf joining Camphill School Aberdeen, his mum Kate was able to start working again as she was previously his full-time carer. Wilf’s mum has expressed that the school has not only transformed Wilf’s life but also hers as it has allowed her to take on part-time work.

Wilf’s mum, Kate, said: “I truly don’t know where I’d be without the support of Camphill School Aberdeen, as being a full-time unpaid carer over many years is so overwhelming. Working was not really possible before Wilf became a resident at the school. I’m only now in a place after years of being Wilf’s caregiver 24/7 and fighting for his rights, where I can consider resuming work.

Kate, added: “We are so lucky that Wilf secured a place in residential care at Camphill School Aberdeen, where he is settled and his needs are met, as we were in crisis. Many families aren’t as lucky and the current pressures of the cost-of-living crisis added to precarious, challenging lives will only make things worse. I am so grateful to Camphill that I now have an opportunity to help support my own family in a very different way.”

Although construction has begun on our residential home and phase one of our capital appeal, we still have more money to raise to reach our phase one target. Find out how you can support us here.

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