Camphill School Aberdeen 7 Stories: Meet Niall

December 21, 2023

Story seven: Niall’s story


To mark the seven young people who will be able to join Camphill School Aberdeen when our new residential home opens in December 2024, we’re sharing seven inspiring stories from the young people who are currently part of our vibrant community.


Meet Niall…

At Camphill School Aberdeen we support pupils through an integrated approach that combines national curriculum-aligned teaching, a range of vocational workshops, therapies, leisure and recreational facilities and on-site medical care. This integrated approach ensures that the young people can become more independent, grow in confidence and achieve outcomes their families never thought possible. One Camphill School Aberdeen pupil whose family have seen him benefit from this approach is Niall.

Before joining Camphill, Niall had very little independence and would often rely on a wheelchair when walking long distances. Now, he is able to go on long walks and get involved in a variety of activities, and he has formed friendships with fellow pupils his age. 

Niall’s mum, Aloyise, said: “When he started at Camphill, I had the chair the first day, and he literally couldn’t walk to the end of their path which is about 10 metres. That would have been his limit.

“Niall has undergone a total transformational change; we are still amazed by the difference in him. We totally underestimated his potential and how much he could do for himself. We have not used his wheelchair for over a year, it now gathers dust in the garage.”

Niall takes part in woodwork and carpentry, swimming and helps in the gardens where fresh produce is grown. He especially enjoys walking the alpacas that are kept on the estate!


Niall's dad, Hilary, expresses his gratitude for Camphill School Aberdeen


Earlier this year, Niall’s brother Ciaran showed his support for the school by completing a 200km cycle. He was inspired to complete the fundraiser after visiting Niall at Murtle Estate and seeing how happy he was and how well all the staff knew him.

Although construction has begun on our residential home and phase one of our capital appeal, we still have more money to raise to reach our phase one target. Find out how you can support us here.

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