Camphill School Aberdeen 7 Stories: Meet Keir

December 14, 2023

Story two: Keir’s story


To mark the seven young people who will be able to join Camphill School Aberdeen when our new residential home opens in December 2024, we’re sharing seven inspiring stories from the young people who are currently part of our vibrant community.


Meet Keir…

Camphill School Aberdeen has been a leader in supporting children and young people with learning disabilities and complex additional support needs for more than 80 years. Our range of sector-leading equine therapies continues to provide vital support and therapy to more than 50 students each month.

One student who has benefited hugely from Equine-Assisted Therapy is 22-year-old, Keir.

Keir was just 11 when his family were advised that his Special Education Needs (SEN) school was no longer able to provide the support he needed.

With no options close to home in Ayrshire that could accommodate his needs, the family made the decision to enrol Kier at Camphill School Aberdeen.

His dad, Kenny said: “Keir loves nature and animals and has been riding horses since he was five, so it was really important to us that he was in an environment where he could enjoy all those things. We did explore other options closer to home, but Camphill was just the perfect fit for Keir; we wanted him to have the best life possible, and Camphill, could offer exactly that.”

Equine-Assisted Therapy focuses on various exercises including leading the horse around a series of obstacles without a lead rope. The therapy also helps students to understand the horse’s cues, to be kind and gentle and how to approach and build a relationship with an animal. Over time, this helps them to have the confidence to build relationships with people.

Kenny added: “Horses are something Keir has always had an incredible connection with and when he is with a horse he is truly calm and totally at one with the animal. The fact Keir can access Equine Therapy at Camphill is fantastic for him and he has come on so much because of it. He is confident and incredibly competent when riding and he also undertakes duties such as mucking out the stables.”

When he’s not riding horses or helping at the stables Keir enjoys working in the garden, learning to repair bikes in the bike workshop and undertaking deliveries around the estate.

Although construction has begun on our residential home and phase one of our capital appeal, we still have more money to raise to reach our phase one target. Find out how you can support us here.

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