Camphill School Aberdeen 7 Stories: Meet Adam

December 13, 2023

Story one: Adam’s story


To mark the seven young people who will be able to join Camphill School Aberdeen when our new residential home opens in December 2024, we’re sharing seven inspiring stories from the young people who are currently part of our vibrant community.


Meet Adam…


For many children and young people across Scotland who have complex additional needs such as Down's Syndrome, accessing the right blend of education and support can be a challenge.

So, when 20-year-old Adam graduated from his Special Education Needs (SEN) school in Aberdeen, his parents were anxious to find him somewhere that would continue to provide the care and support he needed.

They applied to Camphill School Aberdeen and they haven’t looked back since. Adam, who attends as a ‘Learning for Life’ day pupil twice a week has thrived.

His mum Stephanie says: “I can’t put into words how happy Adam was during his tour around Murtle Estate and the Day Service Workshops. Adam is non-verbal but you can tell when he is happy or when he is stressed, I really had to convince him to come home as he loved it so much. That evening after Adam was in bed, I felt such a relief, I knew he would receive the best care and really thrive at the school.”

Like every student at Camphill School Aberdeen, Adam has an education and activity programme that is tailored to his needs. He enjoys taking part in a wide range of activities ranging from working in the farm and walled garden, to swimming and taking part in art and craft workshops.

“I really didn’t know what home life would be like after Adam started at Camphill School Day Services,” says Stephanie.

“I thought he may be really tired after returning home but he comes in bouncing, it has truly switched something on in him and he has realised that there is more in this world for him. Camphill School Aberdeen has given him a sense of purpose and it means the absolute world to us as a family.

"Adam goes to ‘work’ on a Wednesday and a Friday and Camphill has enabled him to feel truly fulfilled and we are so grateful,” she added.

Although construction has begun on our residential home and phase one of our capital appeal, we still have more money to raise to reach our phase one target. Find out how you can support us here.

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