St Andrew's Project

School-Home Support


Camphill’s St Andrew’s Project offers bespoke support for children and young people and their families who require extra help and support due to the risk of family or school breakdown. The project is registered to provide school-home support services, respite services, emergency care for 1‑10 year olds, individualised intervention programmes and family work. Experienced staff offer an ecological assessment, particularly highlighting the child or young person’s perceptions of their strengths, challenges and their vision for themselves. From this assessment a therapeutic programme is created, tailored to facilitate the individual’s sustainable development and potential. This may include work in Camphill settings such as individual therapies, specialist care or educational programmes. Often programmes will include, or comprise wholly, outreach work with the child or young person in their home community, family setting or school.

In addition St Andrew’s offers individualised transition programmes for young people aged 18 to 21. The same principles and methods mentioned above are used in establishing these programmes.

Systemic family work and emergency care with the possibility of residential accommodation for the whole family is also available.

The St Andrew’s Project also offers respite services for pupils and other children or young people. Respite services are flexible and can include day, or part-day care, and there is some provision for overnight stays.

The project is in the process of being evaluated by SIRCC.

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