Young People of St Andrew's Project art exhibition

The Young People of St Andrew’s Project, Camphill School, have organised an exhibition of their amazing artwork. They are wide ranging in ages and abilities but if you believe that “everyone is an artist” then here is the proof.

St Andrew's Project Art Exhibition

St. Andrew’s Project grew out of Camphill’s recognition that many young people do not fit in any standard programme. Again and again we experienced that everyone was struggling (family, teachers, other professionals and most importantly the young person themselves). For the last four years its team of trained co-workers have worked to place young people aged 8-21 years and their families at the heart of the change process in such situations.

St Andrew's Project Art Exhibition

Camphill has always worked positively with families and St. Andrew’s Project has built on this tradition in setting out to work with all the family. We emphasise the importance of the whole circle around a young person committing to a process of change: parents, siblings and other family members as well as ourselves.

St Andrews Project Art Exhibition

There is total flexibility regarding when and where we become involved: some young people come to Camphill five days a week, others do not come at all but we support them in their home/school/college situation.

Young people make use of a huge range of opportunities in St.Andrews Project –both formal ones such as craft and artistic activities but also all the informal ones such as biking, swimming, baking, gardening etc that happen in daily life.