..Further Education, Crafts and Work

After a daily morning assembly which consists of practising seasonal songs, and turning to topics of general interest and current affairs, small groups take on different tasks, such as working in our laundry or kitchen, outdoors on the estate, or experiencing the therapeutic benefits of learning a craft in our weaving, pottery, basketry and wood workshops. All these activities are an important aspect of our daily life, enabling each one of us, no matter what our abilities, to contribute to the well-being of the community, and at the same time stimulate interest and motivation in the development of practical skills. Whether it be pushing a wheelbarrow, helping to cook a meal or simply holding a laundry basket, each person's involvement is seen as a therapeutic process through which the results and meaningfulness of one's deeds can be experienced. The afternoon programme offers a variety of therapies for small groups or individuals, such as speech, therapeutic art, eurythmy, riding, swimming, therapeutic baths, recreational walks, sports and games, as well as the possibility to practise basic self-help skills and independent life skills.